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A man’s blog about ladies…

On July 12, 2013 by admin

Quite interesting to see the beauty shops filled up with the latest makeup, high-heels, etc., flooded with demand from every corner,

nothing wrong with that, if you’re buying these products because you’re already confident in yourself, you can afford it, and you just want to treat yourself

for the world to know ‘WHO’S BOSS!’ But it’ll be wrong if you’re visiting the shop because it’s your ONLY form of happiness.


Some ladies’ attitude to fashion,  money, relationships or business interactions seem to be molded by the people that worship these shops,

and by other people’s mindset and aspects of the society,

eg., you have to act a certain way, wear a certain hairstyle, be with a certain type of guy, to be respected… Hmmm, no no no! (this should be our 1st ‘NO’).

You don’t have to do what you don’t want to do. So think carefully, look in the mirror whilst blocking out the poison out there…

What do you want? Now, this question is the real problem, which is where the solution can begin to evolve….


Trying to find what you really want in your life and telling yourself  that over and over again might seem daunting, you’re already conforming to the ‘norm’ (the society), why should you have to change? (you ask yourself).

Well true, if you’re happy the way you are then why change? But if you feel pressured by your surroundings, especially your peers, your employer, etc.,

why shouldn’t you change the way things are?



If you’re NOT HAPPY, CHANGE. In fact, CHANGE IMMEDIATELY. I don’t know how many times I can mention the word CHANGE.

Easy to say, but hard to implement, however, in the long term, the change will be worth it, you’re already beautiful inside from the thought of

change, now bring it out to the world.

Pursuing what you want in life without others, emotionally, verbally or physically dictating to you all the time is one great achievement.

Everyone wants to be called ‘The Boss’, ‘Boss Lady’ or ‘Independent Lady’, these titles come with a price and it starts from you taking the

steering wheel of your life, FULL CONTROL. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll lose friends in the beginning of your journey… BUT in the end, you’ll attract those

who are positive and like-minded like you, hence, surrounding yourself with independent people, people who run their own businesses, people who

see themselves having a partnership arrangements with you, people who want to propose to you, why? Because they know you have a high

opinion of your self!


I’ll like to leave this write-up at this point to understand what y’all think. Go to the comment section below and  leave your thoughts, will hit

y’all with the next blog based on your comments. Guess what, this write up is from a man’s point of view (credited to: Richard Onitolo), am I missing anything in the write up?

2 Responses to “A man’s blog about ladies…”

  • “you’ll lose friends in the beginning of your journey… BUT in the end, you’ll attract those who are positive and like-minded like you”

    Nothing can be more true!!!

    Thanks for sharing this Richard, To be driven by the beauty within and not the pressure on the outside is indeed the most liberating change any woman can go through.

    • admin

      You’re right… There’s always that pressure to ‘fit in’, temptations, but with dignity, some will defeat that pressure.
      Same goes for men too, wish to know what other ladies feel about this.

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