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Fathers’ Day 19th of June 2016

On June 12, 2016 by admin

I’m sure you all know at least one father who’s now got grey hairs (me), or who’s just too playful (hmmm.. maybe not me lool, or am I?) ::pause::

Happy Father’s Day in advance


Being a father in the early years of having our first BORN into our household, years and years ago, was probably one of the most challenging things that ever happened to me, wanna know why? A first born can ‘FORCEFULLY put that MATURITY into your VOCABULARY’, and that’s not meant as a rhyme  😆 (How it feels: It’s like you’re initially sleeping and water dashed in your face, wake up -wake up, with love in mind though otherwise it’ll not be worth it now, but there’s nothing you can do about it, you just have to get up and hit the ground running), my believe was since the child is mine, so this is mini-me so no other way but attempt my own share… The first few years were TOUGH. Seemed like I was on my own at times, and think she felt she was on her one too, whatever I did never seemed to be enough, but I know she did a lot. 


The situations, what we had to work with, hmmm, working as a united front wasn’t our best skill then especially when you both had to try and find a common ground and at the same time studying for a degree. Especially not getting time with the Mrs like before or the arguments about what best procedures there are to taking care of different aspects of our lives, we both thought the other person was the problem… hmmm, first borns, first experience, ey, with all the responsibilities we came to face!

Some of us adults sometime learn how to smile through the most challenging times as crying wasn’t an option, how long can you cry for? Dry your eyes and keep it moving, after all, I was 50% part of the party that made the baby. We never stop learning, so then was the REAL EDUCATION.

With the sleepless nights, the crying baby, your partner asking you to go get nappy at 12 midnight knowing quite well there were no shops around open at that time of night but one way or the other the nappy gets bought, otherwise….


BUT there’s a twist… I’ll tell you why now I totally totally love my role as a father since there’s no toddler around here, wait for it! Lol!

Don’t kids just remind us of the good ol’ times we had when we believed we were never gonna have to worry about anything?

Kids, when they start crawling, talking, walking, even going to school, things change, they understand life to some extent so as a father you can have conversation with your kid(s). It definitely gives me flashbacks of me.

Me, as a kid back then, an ice-cream van goes by and it felt like we’re about to order a brand new ferrari or a bugatti and all it was was an ice-cream cone, that was what buying ice-cream felt like, also I remember finally being able to buy yoghurt and the lot, but only after the many cries for ”mummy, please I want iiiice-cream” like annoying song playing in your mum’s ears over and over. With the ice-cream cone in your hand, the smile on your lips is like from here to there!


Miss those day.

This is me now watching my kids growing up, with them doing most of the things I loved back then, I can only just pick up my bottle of coke and popcorn as a father now, sit down and watch them go about their business like I’m watching a 3D movie, as long as they’re fed and clothed, let the movie play on!!!

Another flashback to my childhood… My only worst periods were in the classroom doing Geography or some ‘writing-many-many-paragraphs-nonstop’ type of subject, you watch the time going 5 seconds back every 10 seconds the hand goes forward, and trust me, yawns never seem to be far away. I had believe the classroom wall clock just hated us students for some reason, but I also felt the feeling was mutual. YES!  😥

Now, sometimes when I’m around my kids, I can’t stress it enough, it makes me also feel like a kid again. I like the playfulness, when chores are expected, I make them get up and go, go, go.. All units!!! Plates, hoovering, etc.

I don’t think the kids realize how easy it is they make me smile despite the intentional silly things they might do, like drop a piece of cake on the floor by mistake but quickly pick it up in the name of ‘the 5 seconds rule’, tut tut  😆 As if if the bacteria was hungry enough it won’t have climbed onto the cake comfortably… I try and tell ’em off about bacteria, but kids ey… DON’T mind them! Lol

Many lovely times I’ve had so far with my kids, for example, my youngest kid called out from his room one night, mum… mum, yelling like he was being chased by a giant monster, this time I told the mum I’ll go and check what’s up, so I got up and went into his room.

I found the lil boy crying and shaking in his bed in the dark. I asked him what the problem was, then he started muttering about a nightmare he had days before, his cries won’t even let me hear the full story but I just kept shaking my head, yes, ok, yes, I get you. Yes, that reminded me of another thing that I remember from my childhood days, nightmares, hate them like nothing else I know, apart from the childhood classroom wall clock, jheez!

Back to the crying kid…

I asked him to think of his best friend at school, to tell me what makes this person his best friend… hmmm, my own lil tactics to divert his mind away from some silly nightmare, well, he talked a bit so it worked. I laid there next to him, told him about my best friend of back in the days. Then I asked him to tell me a story, wondering how long all these would get him to sleep, I needed sleep badly too.

Then son tried to tell me the story. I tell you, all I remember was him talking about a tortoise in the jungle that was talking to another tortoise, something like that… then before he finished the story he was in zzz land… I really didn’t make any sense out of the story, he was too tired anyway.

I laughed…


Written by Richard Onitolo


Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks to my friend Brenda Geilke for motivating me to write this as part of my Father’s Day blog.

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