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Hollyoaks’ Newbie…

On November 29, 2013 by admin

Great news from Lyrically Inspired®

Aaron Fontaine Lands Fantastic Role In Hollyoaks

YES, Fantastic News!!!

Hollyoaks has welcomed the 25 year old Aaron Fontaine on set. He will be playing the character of Sonny Valentine in Channel 4’s soap..


Left to Right (Above): Former star Devon Anderson, Aaron Fontaine (To take Devon’s place)



Left to Right (Above): Richard Onitolo, Aaron Fontaine. (Picture: 2008)

Aaron Fontaine has been a great supporter of Lyrically Inspired® since the day we set eyes on him back in 2008.

Our staff spent nights preparing some exclusive designs and are honored to have blessed his closet with our work back then.

You would usually find Aaron in positive achievement events, presenting, appearing in roles in the theater arts, modeling exclusive wears, etc.

Kudos to you my brother AARON FONTAINE!


Written by Lead Designer at Lyrically Inspired®

Richard Onitolo


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