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Aiming for GREATNESS…

On July 13, 2013 by admin

Right now I’ve got a glass of orange juice in front of me and thinking to myself “when last did I watch a TV programme to the end?” Hmmm…

It’s not that I don’t want to sit and watch TV, also it’s late Friday/early Saturday, friends have gone partying, outside must be on fire with fun, fun and more fun,

BUT I’m here thinking of work on Saturday, looking forward to it… then thought I’d communicate with you here about greatness. Oh no, I don’t classify myself a workaholic! (I bet that last bit got you thinking, right? lol).


Funny enough I get people calling me a workaholic, or I’ve heard the statement “you’re making too much money” a number of times.

I see greatness as achieving what you want, what you desire, but putting every energy in into getting there. IT’S HARD WORK!

This write-up is not for the weak-hearted and I’m not here to offend anyone but to try and establish what your abilities are to achieve this greatness that you

crave, also if you’re willing for greatness rather than wishing it. If you’re willing it, I want you to say it out loud each morning: “I WILL BE GREAT!”


It can be a dauntingly slow process, as for my part I feel there’s a lot of room for improvement. To achieve greatness, you have to forgo a number of things

and put other activities in your plate that can make you achieve your life’s DESIRE. Sometimes you may need to do things you don’t like doing, you’ll feel lazy but you have to get up & GO, GO! GO! This is one of the reasons ONLY a handful of people will be GREAT, so other people want to keep wishing GREATNESS so they sit

and keep wishing but not moving.



Let me write-on till I sip my last juice, and get back to listing my TO-DO’s for the morning.

To be great… ‘you may need to do things you don’t like doing’ like helping other people achieve without you thinking of money, money, money (who wants to

work for nothing? You ask…), listen, helping people doesn’t necessarily mean you’re working for nothing, you could aim to help form a network of mutually

beneficial associates, build a positive wall surrounding yourself with it where everyone understands the idea of giving and taking.

Spread each other’s work and help promote each other, guess what (you’re not working for nothing after all, are you?).

I create designs on t-shirts and print these for people, I do social network posters and banners for small to medium enterprises,  I help provide consultation services, I’ll like to know what you do so we can begin the mutually beneficial connections. From my example above, it’s just that simple to connect!



Let go of the negative-minded, just let go, they might be fun to be around but are they motivating your DESIRE to be GREAT? If not, then let go.

Not easy, is it? It’s like asking a cigarette smoker to let go off the ciggie and then you put them in a room full of people smoking, hard stuff, ey? Oh well,

you want to be GREAT, hard work and discipline is part of the answer to this… I didn’t get up and start my business loving every aspect of it, I grew from disliking some parts, to actually making it my duty to do it.

Other helpful tips:

  • Focus on the little things “I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but its my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.” -Helen Keller)
  • Have a passion for what you do and do it consistently
  • Each day make at least one person feel special, make them feel they too can achieve greatness
  • ……………..

CUTTTT… my glass of juice’s finished  🙁 but would love to read from you and see you SHARE this post.

Please leave a comment below, I might get excited and let you into some more tips! For now, take care.

Richard (Designer at Lyrically Inspired)

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