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On May 29, 2013 by admin

Why support should be mutual:
-Some type of SUPPORT takes a second, a minute and some an hour or more
-Some don’t have to cost you money, just a word or two to your friend or a passing on of a flyer or leaflet to a family

Why people might not SUPPORT:
-They don’t realize how easy it is
-They might believe its ”not my business” so why should I SUPPORT
-They’re ‘too busy’… hmmm, maybe/maybe not

Why people should SUPPORT:
-Don’t always expect a return favor but remember it’ll come back to you at some point, believe that
-It’s a small world, your SUPPORT will go a long way
-It shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg… Just simply spreading the word
-It might one day be your turn in the future who needs the help
-REWARDS could be visiting you as a surprise token
-Builds a unique and fast growing network
-Loyalty is king
-It gets the world talking, keeps the rest busy and the shelves moving

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